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Fathom is a platform to inspire innovation & positive change in your community.

Young people have the power to change the world — if only the seed is planted.​

Our mission is to empower the youth in the communities where they live, learn, work & play. We specialize in partnering with schools & companies to foster a culture of youth innovation and community sustainability.

So how can I get involved?

Part of being human is having ideas.

We often forget we are each filled with the same creative spirit that has shaped the world around us. Everything you see, touch, hear… all exists because an idea inspired someone to take it and make it a reality.

How do we achieve that?

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A 21st Century project-based program specially curated to develop skills for work life success and a meaningful career towards social impact.

A platform to highlight Hip Hop and urban culture. Local gatherings, cyphers, unique artists & pure vibes.

The youth are the future, and their voice needs to be heard. Our solution is to give them a platform to speak on the issues that matter.

To invest in the youth is to invest in the future. If you want to help prepare the leaders of tomorrow, today, this is where you start.

Fathom's Learning Innovation and Technology Conference is an annual event designed to showcase the works of young people utilizing Fathom's platform in their communities.

Replicate Fathom on your campus. Become an ambassador and represent Fathom at your school.

Nashville Junior Chamber Pitch Competition Winner

Social Enterprise Alliance Impact Labs Alumni

Nash Hack Weekathon Pitch Competition Winner

I whole-heartedly recommend Fathom for any opportunity. They are the real deal.

Hannah Davis — Dir. of Community, Nashville SEA


Fathom has some of the most talented, creative, and thoughtful people I’ve ever had the privilege to work with.

Seth Burgess — Lausanne Learning Institute


Backed by the industry.

We don’t just believe in our projects, the proof is in the pudding. Hear what others have to say.

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