Bring Fathom to your school.
Fathom Your Campus

Bring Fathom to your school.
Fathom Your Campus

FYC is a Fathom campus community initiative to support personalized career and technical work-based learning opportunities for students and faculty. 

We prepare students for success in the 21st economy by helping them make their academic studies experiential, meaningful and applicable. We do this by working with students and faculty to create unique semesterbased professional learning development opportunities that align academic curriculum with personal passions.

Test and validate potential career opportunities (Bringing AGILE philosophy to professional Development – APD)

Propose personalized internship projects

Align academic and professional career pathways

Receive Academic credit​




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Personalized Work Based Learning

Our platform within Fathom Your Campus that we set up to help students align their academic pursuits with personal interests. Because this should be towards what you really care about.

Practicum Projects

Semester-long experiential internship/course


Working with FYC, Fathom, Student Orgs, Graduate Research projects

Independent Studies

Using CA curriculum to create internship

The FYC Campus Needs Assessment

Want to help us determine what is the best methodology for FYC and make sure we do everything to the best we can? Take the Needs Assessment, it would help us out and help your school in making sure Fathom Your Campus fits all those needs, plus, it only takes a minute! 

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