Course - Change Agents

Curriculum Overview

Change Agents Curriculum consists of six personalized learning modules, interactive workshops and culturally responsive content to provide tools and resources for learners to develop personal plans of action for self-determination and social innovation. As a result, Change Agents challenges learners to: 

  • Identify their strengths, talents, passions and needs while developing goals towards personal and professional career alignment 

  • Critically analyze and frame challenges in the communities where they live, learn, work and play

  • Ideate, prototype and launch innovative social venture projects to cultivate positive change towards  sustainable community development

Curriculum Deliverables

Learners completing Change Agents program will develop: 

  • Personal Portfolios

  • Community Needs and Asset Map

  • Problem Solution Fit

  • Minimum Viable Product

  • Theory of Change 

  • Pitch Presentation and Demo

Blueprints to Social Innovation — Course Overview

This guide introduces interdisciplinary principles and practices to cultivate the next generation of creative problem solvers, social innovators and change makers. Content covered in the following modules are accompanied by engaging activities to guide students in developing personalized Blueprints to Social Innovation. By aligning their personal and professional goals, matching their skills to needs in their communities and developing meaningful ideas for social transformation, the Change Agents journey culminates in students pitching social impact solutions to vested stakeholders in their communities.

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Pursuing our passions is at the heart of a happy, successful and meaningful life. In this model, learners uncover the secrets of self and identify paths to an adventurous and worthwhile life—for, you must first know who you are to become who you aspire to be.

Across the world, people face daily injustices that threaten the natural human rights and liberties of all. This module introduces learners to the paradigm shift required to understand, interact and address the issues challenging our communities.

Once we become aware and understand how injustices manifest in the world, we can no longer remain complicit. In this module, learners connect the dots by aligning their career ambitions with the issues they care about to become the source of creative solutions and approaches to change.

Taking the leap into entrepreneurship is a rewarding but risky pursuit. For this reason, in this module, learners start their entrepreneurial journey by engaging their audience to identify critical pain points and opportunities for user-centered product development.

Change Agents become architects of their destiny by having the courage and ambition to design the world as they wish to engage it. In this module, learners leverage business as a tool for social innovation and sustainable development of their problem solution into a viable product for the market.