What are the benefits of Change Agents?

  • Culturally Responsive Curricula + Pedagogy
  • 21st Century Learning Themes
  • Education Standards Alignment
  • Community Engaged Project-based Learning
  • Personalized Work-based Learning Opportunities
  • Career Technical and Education (CTE)
  • Educator Professional Development (EPD) Trainings, Workshops and Certifications

Change Agents Curriculum Guide

Change Agents Curriculum Guide was developed as a personalized project-based learning tool for instructors administering the Change Agents curriculum to young adults in both traditional and non-traditional learning environments. The guide is a resource for instructors seeking to promote learners’ skills and experiences in personalized learning, community engagement, social justice research and action and 21st century workforce readiness. The Change Agents curriculum is adaptable for young adults ages 12-24 and may be administered all together, in specific content portions and in a wide variety of school and non-school settings.

This guide provides an overview of the Change Agents curriculum, activity guides for the classroom and tools to assist instructors in adapting the material for their student and class needs. 

Change Agents Curriculum + Education Standards Alignment

Foundational Principles and Theories